Monday, January 22, 2007

Cool Tools Ep1

Well this is going to be my first cool tool entry, as you all know I am a computer tech, among other things. I do lots of research on the internet, and found this seemingly insignificant free download. The Program in question is Rocket Dock (Click here to go to website). I decided to inspect it closer and found out that this amazing freeware was both beautiful and responsive, not to mention useful. So what does it do your asking? Well imagine a task bar in windows that was both beautiful responsive, and stable, now add in some cool options, and thats what this is, While most people won't completely let it replace their task bars, I think that they will find that it is easy to use, looks nice, and a very reasonable addition to your desktop. Sporting nice features, and good looks it can make any desktop look better. If your like me you may even hide your old task bar using it only once in a while.

Graphics 10
Ease of use 10
Features 9
Stability 10
Potential 10


Well thats all for now. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of Cool Tools, until next time.. Ciao
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