Sunday, October 29, 2017

It has been a while since I have written anything here because I actually hosted my own website for a while, however, I have decided to not continue doing that for the foreseeable future, so I am back.

I am streaming on Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and Beem

Here are the links, so you can watch wherever you like, currently the most interactive site is still.


I am doing drone videos on youtube in my quest to create affordable multi-role air support.

I am gaming to blow off steam to have fun and build a possible income stream for entertaining people, and possibly to help save lives as well.

I hope you enjoy the blog I will be posting to it more often.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Blu Cigs ( for a easy way to go to ecigs)

You can buy 5 packs of cigarettes for $12 or less.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saving money... Computer Hosting.

If you like paying more than you have to, then please disregard this message.
Are you paying $10+ monthly for hosting? Before you write me off as spam, see if I can save you money. Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth, a great cPanel, and they are "Green"! Can your current host say that? only $3.65 a month.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Quote

"One thing Money can't buy, that is a great family that truly cares. I am lucky because mine chose me." -Florentino Ezra Anthony DeLaguna- 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Netflix FIX v2.1

So instant view is buggy, yes added more things for this batch file to fix. Looks like the latest up date to Silverlight 4.0 has messed up Netflix Instant view again. I have updated the Netflix fix now to handle this problem. Again only tested on 7 but should work on Vista as well. If a Different version is needed please contact me through my website.

Follow this link to download the file. If it downloads with the extention "*.download" or anthing other than bat, rename the file with the ext "*.bat" feel free to ask me for help.

New Version 2.1 will fix these new problems. The bat file will also now close any open browsers to make sure it can make the changes needed to fix the problem. If this fix works for you please let us know and post on forums, spreading the word.

My website is Cool please check it ou.

Also check out my Youtube, and Twitter

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"I help Computers with user problems"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Netflix FIX v2.0

So they are at it again. Looks like the latest up date to Silverlight 4.0 has messed up Netflix Instant view again. I have updated the Netflix fix now to handle this problem. Again only tested on Vista/7.

New Version 2.0 will fix this new problem. If this fix works for you please let us know and post on forums, spreading the word.

My website is down right now however it should be back up soon. So check it out Cool

Also check out my Youtube, and Twitter
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"I help Computers with user problems"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello Everyone

This is my first post to multiple wesites using I like the idea that they are going for.

I will be reviewing this On as soon as I do my best to fully utilize it.

Looks like a strong start.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Netflix DREADED error: n8156-6013 Fix

So you love watching stuff online, with Netflix.
But all the sudden without warning the dreaded Error: n8156-6013 (or other similar errors)

Microsoft says its Netflix and Netflix says its Microsoft... What to do? Netflix won't play!

Not to worry, I have fixed it on my two computer so I hope it fixes it for you as well

(For the newest fix go here. )


Incase the fist link doesn't work 


Just a quick bat file I created to help reset your Silverlight file to let Netflix enforce its DRM work and allow you to watch Netflix online again.

And the world once again is at peace...

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"I help Computers with user problems"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Incase you have been living under a rock

Good Day Gamers and Fellow G33ks. If you don't fit into these of these two categories assimilate immediately so you still may enjoy what I am about to tell you about.

Steam has been at it again with outrageous deals. If you ever didnt' get a game because Money was tight, or you were afraid you would loose the disc, etc. Fear no longer, Steam is having huge discounts on every type of game imaginable some of these packages you can get $300 of games for $49 or so.

So go check it out, there is something for practically everyone!

Games under $10

Games under $5

All Sales


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Friday, June 18, 2010

On second thought...

If you want to sacrifice 700+ Mb to the Failure Gods feel free however, if you are looking for a good game experience, with real potential run the other direction.

This being said, if you have a website, and do reviews, this is a great target for all your anger of fail games.

MOH beta Uber fail. Ohh and if you play the game, be ware the game engine is paranoid of you talking people and if you press y will make really hard for you to return to game without a three finger salute. I am the only survivor of the y key of doom.

Now back to playing Mechwarrior: Living Ledgends

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"I help Computers with user problems"

Free MOH beta keys.

So you wanted to try the new beta MOH?

One cool cat has found a loophole!

Location: UK

Anyone Who Wants a Beta Key.
1- Go to
take a new username or use you already have, to take beta code for cc4

2-Now use your beta code @ Beta Key Redemption | Medal of Honor

Just got code for PS3 and PC, downloaded and installed PS3 one but I need Bad Company 2 VIP to use early access.

Hope it works for you guys."

So head on over get a key and join us in game.

Drama Free Gamers!

Ciao 4 Now
D4RK_4NG3L Computer Psychiatrist "I help Computers with user problems" Http://

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mad Game Sales

GoGamer, and Steam both having crazy cheap sales take advantage!! and

Computer Psychiatrist
"I help Computers with user problems"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mercenaries 2 Multiplayer Fix

So I have had Mercenaries 2 World In Flames for a while, however my friend just got it on sale from Xfire.

He wanted to Co-op really bad so I figured why not. We went to connect to each other however its was not working. So we both made sure to install the 1.1 patch (Which you can find here)

So some of you may have run into this error it says something like "your version is incompatible with the server's version"

I have something that may help you fix it. I created this registry file, and it fixed my friends computer and we were able to play co op together. Both you and your friend run this registry file, and as long as you have both patched you should be able to play co op together.

As always back up your reg before running this file in case it doesn't work as you hoped. (Disclaimer)

Click Here to Download the Fix. Install this fix by merging/running the file. You can do this by double clicking the file if that doesn't work right click and select merge.

Let us know if it worked by leaving a comment or contacting me.
This is a CoolTechSpot Exclusive fix created by me D4RK_4NG3L.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outrageous Gaming Deals

Outragous Game Deals!

So this Valentine season seems like there are lots of great deals, however I noticed bringing it home with some really great ones. PC Games!

Have you guys found some great deals? Share them in the comments.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dirt2 Autosave Corruption Fix (Exclusive File)

It seems like just yesterday I was telling you about a fix for Dirt2... Oh wait it was. Well, a day later I got the autosave corrupted error.

So I looked around and from a few fixed on the net I combined them into one uber fix that not only gave me my level back but also my money and cars.

I figured I would share the fix with you other unlucky gamers that may have run into the same problem.

As always back up your saves before you do this fix even though I have build a autobackup into the fix please do not rely on that as your only backup method. Your are using this fix at your own risk. If the file you downloaded doesn't have only this code below its been tampered with.

This fix is for VISTA and WIN7 Only !

Click here to download the fix then run the bat as administrator

Here is the code incase your curious whats in the bat

@echo off
Echo D4RK_4NG3L's Dirt2 Corruption fix. For Vista and Windows 7
Echo Check out for more cool Stuff
Echo Do not run this if you aren't experiencing
Echo The Autosave Corruption issue
Echo ---------------------------------------------------------
Echo When prompted Choose D for Directory
Echo As always listen to my disclaimer at
Echo ---------------------------------------------------------
xcopy "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2\savegame" "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame" /S /Y
xcopy "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2\savegame" "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame_Bak" /S
Del "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame\Autosave0\NXDSMWW"
Del "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame\Autosave1\NXDSMWW"
Del "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2\savegame"
Echo Your old save has been saved in:
Echo C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame_Bak
Echo Leave this window open
Echo Run the game create a new profile
Echo Enter the first race, then you can retire
Echo Or finish the race & exit correctly using the menus
Echo Then return here and press any key
Echo ---------------------------------------------------------
Echo When prompted Choose D for Directory
xcopy "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame" "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2\savegame" /S /Y
Del "C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame"
Echo Congratulations your corruption should have been fixed, however
Echo If it isn't you have a copy of your original files at
Echo C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\DiRT2_Bak\savegame_bak
Echo So don't run this again unless you back that folder up manually
Echo Press any key to end
ECho ---------------------------------------------------------

Till Next Time

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dirt 2 Won't Start Fix

I am sure you have all been there you get this great game, download and install it, and the loading screen comes up... SWEET Dirt 2 in all its pixelicious glory finally on my machine! And theres your destop. Wait, Ahh it must just be playing with me, I will start it again, heres the awesome title Dirt2 and here comes the.. crash to desktop? This can't be its brand new!

So yes this is the experience even the most tech savvy of us get from time to time. My latest one as you can guess Dirt2. I actually could play the game, then one day it wouldn't start. Figuring it may be a process conflict, I found a solution that has allowed me to play it. Game Booster From the same people that I get my Smart Defrag. I ran that bad boy, made one edit to it services, and it ran like a charm. (The edit I made was when you click edit services, I changed "IPBusEnum=1" on my operating system section to "IPBusEnum=0" because it was hanging on resuming to normal mode.

So now before I play Dirt2, I run Game Booster and I can play it fine. Hopefully the boys over at Codemaster will figure out how to make their game more compatible but in the meantime I love this little program, it also helps with performace because it turns off services you don't need while gaming :)
Till Next Time... Ciao.