Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Netflix DREADED error: n8156-6013 Fix

So you love watching stuff online, with Netflix.
But all the sudden without warning the dreaded Error: n8156-6013 (or other similar errors)

Microsoft says its Netflix and Netflix says its Microsoft... What to do? Netflix won't play!

Not to worry, I have fixed it on my two computer so I hope it fixes it for you as well

(For the newest fix go here. http://cooltechspotcom.fatcow.com/blog/?p=108 )


Incase the fist link doesn't work 


Just a quick bat file I created to help reset your Silverlight file to let Netflix enforce its DRM work and allow you to watch Netflix online again.

And the world once again is at peace...

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  1. Pardon the newbie question, but what do I do with this .bat file in my system to fix the issue? Where should I put it? Do I need to direct my browser to the file in some way?

  2. You download the file. You can download it anywhere, however to your desktop is probably the easiest. Then you double click it. A black window should pop up and let you know what is going on.

    BTW if you leave your email or a way to contact you I Usually will follow up and help you quickly.

    You can also check out my website for more tips, freeware etc. Http://www.CoolTechSpot.com

  3. Your links have expired... I'm having this issue... very sad.