Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mercenaries 2 Multiplayer Fix

So I have had Mercenaries 2 World In Flames for a while, however my friend just got it on sale from Xfire.

He wanted to Co-op really bad so I figured why not. We went to connect to each other however its was not working. So we both made sure to install the 1.1 patch (Which you can find here)

So some of you may have run into this error it says something like "your version is incompatible with the server's version"

I have something that may help you fix it. I created this registry file, and it fixed my friends computer and we were able to play co op together. Both you and your friend run this registry file, and as long as you have both patched you should be able to play co op together.

As always back up your reg before running this file in case it doesn't work as you hoped. (Disclaimer)

Click Here to Download the Fix. Install this fix by merging/running the file. You can do this by double clicking the file if that doesn't work right click and select merge.

Let us know if it worked by leaving a comment or contacting me.
This is a CoolTechSpot Exclusive fix created by me D4RK_4NG3L.

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