Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I think that it is absolutely outrageous that our Border Patrol agents do their job, and get prosecuted while the illegal who was breaking the law gets to sue? For his rights? what rights he is not a citizen, and was breaking many different laws!!! Do you think that he should have the same right as a citizen? Smuggling Drugs into the country, Illegal entry into the country, Disobeying a sworn officer.

The Guy knew he was breaking the law because he was running away from the officers. Do you think if illegal aliens knew for a fact that they would be shot on site crossing the border they would continue to come? It seems to me now they know that if our officers tell them to do something they don't have to do it, and if they get hurt they can sue us and not have to work. Sounds like a good deal for them, and bad deal for the US citizens. Why do we have agents at the border if they get in trouble for stopping illegals, let alone illegals smuggling drugs.

Leave comments telling everyone your stance on this, do you like that you tax dollars are going to non US citizens breaking the law? Do you like paying for non citizens education, and lowing the overall effectiveness of our already dismal educational facilities? Or do you believe that people who break the law shouldn't be held accountable for their actions?

Click here to put yourself on A map where you can help make a stand against people taking the law into their own hands. tell everyone what you think.

Aren't you tired of supporting people who are breaking the law everyday, knowingly!

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