Monday, March 16, 2009

Bigger in this case is better.

Like many hardcore G1 users, I love to use my G1 constantly, and try to use its full potential every day. As many others have found out, I have found that the battery that comes with the G1 does not last long enough for the power user. So I went in search of an alternative. There are a couple on the market, however I chose the one that was superior in both looks, and usage time. (to everything else on the market at the time)

You may be wondering, what is this wonder battery that he found? Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery for T-Mobile G1. This battery has about 125% more charge than the standard battery, and because of that is slightly bigger, but not to worry, they already thought of the ramifications of that, and when you buy the battery, included with the cost is a new back plate for your phone, so it doesn't look like some freak of technology with a big hump. So because I didn't want to name my phone Quasimodo I chose the better alternative.

This battery, will allow you to use Wifi, and Bluetooth, and every gadget you like on your phone, with out having to worry about how much charge you have left. Although as with any electronic device the power doesn't last forever, so it still is a good idea to have a usb cable with you and a car adaptor. A couple good programs to help you keep track of your battery and settings are Power Monitor and Battery Graph. I will do a mini review on each of those soon stay tuned. I Hope that this has given you some insight to this awesome product. Until Next Time Ciao.

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