Friday, January 22, 2010

Dirt 2 Won't Start Fix

I am sure you have all been there you get this great game, download and install it, and the loading screen comes up... SWEET Dirt 2 in all its pixelicious glory finally on my machine! And theres your destop. Wait, Ahh it must just be playing with me, I will start it again, heres the awesome title Dirt2 and here comes the.. crash to desktop? This can't be its brand new!

So yes this is the experience even the most tech savvy of us get from time to time. My latest one as you can guess Dirt2. I actually could play the game, then one day it wouldn't start. Figuring it may be a process conflict, I found a solution that has allowed me to play it. Game Booster From the same people that I get my Smart Defrag. I ran that bad boy, made one edit to it services, and it ran like a charm. (The edit I made was when you click edit services, I changed "IPBusEnum=1" on my operating system section to "IPBusEnum=0" because it was hanging on resuming to normal mode.

So now before I play Dirt2, I run Game Booster and I can play it fine. Hopefully the boys over at Codemaster will figure out how to make their game more compatible but in the meantime I love this little program, it also helps with performace because it turns off services you don't need while gaming :)
Till Next Time... Ciao.

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