Friday, October 20, 2006

Sooo excited

I got my GP2X on the 17Th it was so cool, a good friend of mine in Australia send it to me... for my birthday, and after a little I was up and messing with it, I converted the plug to a US plug by copping off the end and wiring a us end into it, I know that is fine because the adapter doesn't show a preference between negative and positive on the AC input. Anyways, I got it up and running already put a clearer skin on it and changed front ends to a more configurable one, (names and links to be added in a future blog.) Anyways, already played a bit of quake, super tux, and a bunch of other games on it, I also took a few of my favorite clips off YouTube and Google video and thew them on there I will make a tutorial on how to do that sometime soon probably post it on YouTube lol anyways. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves, as for me going to play a little more with Linux, installing Ubuntu on two computers this week, and trying to enjoy myself. Scraping by money wise, if you have any suggestions... feel free to message me .... Ciao

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