Friday, November 3, 2006

My new deep fryer, and other news.

Well I know it sounds funny but one of my simple pleasures recently was a deep fryer that I just got. I love it, so simple, I pre heat it, it tells me when its ready, then I set the timer lower the food in and vuah la (yes I took liberties with the spelling of that.. ) it dings when the food is ready mm mm corn dogs, taquitos and fries :) a wholly enjoyable meal.

Other cool things that have happened recently I got a raise @ both of my jobs, and my g/f is much closer to getting hired. So I am extremely excited for these upcoming days.

Last of all on the technology front I have gotten Rise of the Triads to work on the GP2X and a Super Nintendo Emulator, (my g/f's been playing donkey kong nonstop lol) while with some games the emulator needs to be optimized with most games, it runs full speed.

A little more technology based news, I am beta testing a new game now more on that later, but the big news, I successfully installed Ubuntu Edgy Linux. This Linux distribution, has to be the easiest of all the ones I installed. When I say easiest, I mean it installed without a hitch giving me both advanced and basic options, and then it ran with out issues, unlike a couple other Linux that I have messed with that installed OK but were a real pain to use because they didn't run right, (partly because it wasn't user friendly enough) but mostly because it didn't have a very good support base of people that were willing to help a newbie out. Over all I give Ubuntu a 9.5 there is room for improvement, however its a solid distro suitable for both techies/geeks and Beginners. I also installed some of the eye candy Nvidia beta drivers, and xgl , and it is absolutely breathtaking, and relatively smooth. Even though its still under development, it seems to be light years ahead of vista's visual styles.

Well hope you all have a good night... Ciao

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