Sunday, October 7, 2007

AMD Opteron Quadcore.

Well its been a while in coming however AMD has finally released a quadcore that answers back to Intel. It will be interesting to see this rivalry unfold because as of right now, AMD is the only one that has a true quad core Processor on the market. As of the writing of this article all the other solutions are not native. You ask what is the difference between native and not native, well its a bit technical to explain but imagine 4 people (people equate to cores) working on a common goal. In native solution, each of the four people (cores) can communicate with each other and dynamically process data giving their results straight to the system, while a non native solution, there are two groups of two people (cores) that are able to share the work load however each group can only talk to the other group by using a middle man (north bridge), to help them. creating a bottleneck at the middleman (north bridge). A native solution while technically more difficult to develop, is the more elegant solution, and in the long run you will probably see that the elegant design will become the blueprints and inspiration for moving forward and improving the technology. A native solution also makes upgrading easier, since many times you don't even have to change the form factor of the motherboard. For those of you who I may have lost with that last comment, Many times moving to new technology requires a total overhaul of your system, however with AMD's quad cores, all you have to upgrade is the CPU. Kinda like being able to only put a new engine in your car. For more information on the only true quad cores out there right now click here

I personally can't wait till the technology hits the normal end user market (the average person), the amount of power these Cpu's will add to Desktop systems will be amazing. Giving the average person increased power to edit video's make music and do many things that generally would require a strong machine. Do you have anything to add to this post? Go ahead leave a comment, you know you want to. Have a great day.

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