Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Recent News

Crysis beta opened up to the public, so if you have a decent rig give it a spin..
Click here for beta sign up page.

In other news I know that my Blog stock ticker may be glitched they are working on fixing that. Once its fixed you may buy thot stock in my Blog.

Some other Beta News

Pirates of the Burning Sea is doing Stress testing,
Tabula Rosa.

Another Beta that looks interesting is unfortunately a subscriber only beta, however if you are a subscriber to File Planet, check it out Frontlines Beta its is yet another look at multi player warfare. I will post a full review on it when I have play it a bit more, originally I couldn't join games however they have patched that problem and I am glad to say that it runs well on my Vista x64 machine. heres a link.
click here

Have a great day Ciao

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