Friday, October 10, 2008

Android Features I Crave

Of course we all want different things from our cell phones, here are some of the features I would like to see (no particular order). Let me know if there are other features you would like to see? 
  • Video MMS / Video recording / streaming / Video Out via mini usb adaptor to hdmi or ?
  • Screen orientation / Step counter / G force meter for use in car / inclimeter (using accelerometer)
  • Turn by Turn Navigation with traffic avoidance.
  • Call Recording (with and without beep)
  • Ability to view flash websites like Skyfire does
  • Divx player
  • Bluetooth keyboard / other bluetooth profiles
  • Internet sharing ie: 3G->Wifi or 3G -> MiniUSB etc.
  • gdesklets
  • the ability to use the mini usb port as a usb port ie usb flash and hdd support or wireless usb (dreaming)
  • touchscreen keyboard for when you don't have the time or will to open the phone, or when you have it in a dock.
  • Call filter.
  • WIDSETS (all you Nokia fans know this one :) )
  • Multiplayer games (quake :) )
  • 3d or 2d cad (ok I know it sounds odd but it is helpful for inventors like me drawing up blueprints while we are waiting for shit) 
  • A lite version of open office :) (although I think google docs will suffice)
  • Gas Mileage tracker using GPS (& for tax man)
  • Remote Control for electronics devices (TV, DVD, DVR, Stereo, Laptop, etc.)
  • Graphing calculator / ti89 emulator
  • FTP hosting
  • BitTorrenting
  • Graphic editor (with reasonably cool features)
Cool Features I found with the Android Emulator 1.0 r1
  • Looks Like Android already has some of these built in you can filter calls in the contact book by checking the box send calls directly to voice mail.
  • The Web Browser allows you to use most webpages. Including Google. Documents, Reader, and most all the other Google services. It seems that all google features are specially formatted.  
  • Robust alarm clock
  • Many sweet graphical features for developers, many sample API's to take advantage of.
  • Widgets

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