Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T-Mobile G1/Android Community Stepping up again

Many people are wondering if and why the G1 is better than the iPhone. There are my reasons some of them include hardware features, but I think the biggest reason is that the operating system of the phone is Open Source, with the only restrictions being ones that keep vandalism and other devious acts to a minimum.

You may be wondering why this is such a big deal. The iPhone has a shop for applications. Well unlike the iPhone pretty much anyone who has a drive to create an application can on Android with out big licencing fees. Then without becoming a criminal he can use it on his phone, and give or sell it to friends or the world. No need to jailbrake your phone etc. worry about the next firmware upgrade and your apps still working. 

The next intelligent question would be then will anyone really take the time to make these progams being that as of right now being that the G1 hasn't launched and there are no other phones that use android yet? (other than people hack projects) The answer is yes, there has already been a contest to support the community that builds these applications, many times using their own money and making them available for donations. The imaginative and creative applications that emerged were nothing short of amazing. I would like some of my favorites however there are just too many interesting ones out there look for your self would you like any of these programs ? 

Sound off what do you think about all the open handset hype? How much would you pay for some of these programs? What programs would you like to see?

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