Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crash Last Night

Jolted out of a deep sleep by a satisfyingly huge crunch followed by a few bangs, some les satisfying crunches, a peel out and finally quiet. After making sure my apartment was secure and talking to my girlfriend, I hit the road to take pictures and try to get an idea of what happened!

Sleepily I stumbled towards where I thought the crunches came from, and I see debris in a lot of the street, some extremely long skid marks and a few cars that are definitely miserable with the recent events.

As I follow the skid marks back to their begginning, it seems a big vehicle decided to have a violent violation visit with a parked truck, violating it from the rear, violently.
From the debris and skid marks, I can see the big vihicle wasn't satisfied and decided to visit a few more cars and a curb before giving up the ghost for its sins around the nearest corner. Like the drunk that was driving it, with no regard for its surroundings, it just pissed oil and fluid on the ground as it went into its slumber of death.

Its drunken sleep was interrupted, however,by flashing lights. A stern policeman promptly brought a tow truck to take the disheveled van back to the station for interrogation. As it turns out the van's partner possibly the instigator in these crimes (rumored to be a drunk illegal woman) is at this very moment, to the best of my knowledge, at large.

As terrible as these atrocities are, I think you have a right to see the violated. So here are the pictures I took. If you have any information that might help this case please contact the Anaheim Police.

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