Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Syndicating your Blog with Facebook

So many of you out there have a personal blog, and Facebook account. Wouldn't it be nice if you could share your blog content easily with your Facebook friends? Well you can, and its a lot easier that you might have though. I am going to give your the directions assuming that you have setup your blog with Feedburner. You can get the direct feed also from your blog however I prefer the feed burner approach.

Here are some basic instructions for importing your blog on to Facebook:

  1.   First, locate the Feedburner feed link for your blog.
  2.   Open your Facebook, then click on the "Application" button on the bottom left of the page.
  3.   Click on "Notes" (you may need to scroll to see it.)
  4.   When the Notes page comes up, click the "Import a blog »" link in the "Notes Settings" area.
  5.   Now enter your Feedburner feed link for your blog. (It should look like 
  6.  Check the box for "By entering a URL, you represent that you have the right to permit us to reproduce this content on the Facebook site and that the content is not obscene or illegal."
  7.  Click the "Start Importing" button.
  8.  Facebook should then show you a preview of the imported blog
  9.  Scroll down and review to make sure everything looks correct
  10.  Then Click "Import"

Congratulations you have just imported all your posts to Facebook. But thats not all. When you post a new entry Facebook will import that also, sharing your blog with all of your Facebook friends. I hope this help you out.

If you need a good video walk though of this procedure you can go to.

The guys over at Six Apart really do a great job with their how to's.

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