Sunday, August 23, 2009

G1 Quick Thoughts

Been using my G1 for a while, and here is how everything breaks down.

I have been switching between many different ROM's. 
Currently this if my phone setup:

I like:
  • How configurable it is being open source
  • The free programs easily accessable on the Android Marketplace
  • The touchscreen
  • The hardware and software keyboard
  • The Wifi
  • The bluetooth
  • The Google integration
  • The Compass and Accelerametor
  • The GPS

I dislike:
  • Stock Battery time
  • Lack of flash for camera
  • That you have to Root your phone or have a Dev phone to do the really cool stuff.

Programs I use Daily
  • Advanced Task Manager
  • Stumble Video
  • StreamFurious.
  • dxTop (replacement home screen)
  • OverclockWidget (for Dev/Rooted phones)
  • Meebo IM easly connect to meebo and talk on all major chat platforms.. AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc..
  • SMS Backup (emails your SMS's to your Gmail account)
  • Fusion Voicemail+
Programs that I use often
  • Gmote
  • My Coupons
  • PicSay
  • android-vnc-viewer
  • Dilbertdroid
  • Toggle Settings
  • DroidSans
  • etc.
For more Cool Tech information check out the sites below.

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