Monday, September 7, 2009

My Thoughts Cell Phone Technology

When looking at cell phone technology nowdays, its really easy to get lost in the 2g,3g, Wifi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, Multi touch, 3MP, 5MP, WM6, Android, Symbian.

With all the different options and prices ranges, what do you need, and what do you want.

I am a computer tech / g33k, so my needs and wants probably will vary from the vast majority of you, however this is how I see it. The features I for in my phone are the one that I use, and will allow me to push my phone to its limit. I like to get the most bang per buck out of my devices, and my phones aren't any different.

First of all there on two operating systems I prefer on cell phones. Android and Symbian. The reason I like these systems, are that they both allow for a lot of customization, and have a good base of programs to choose from. I believe that they both empower the user more than most the other mobile phone Operating Systems out on the market.

They do each have their Pro's and Cons. This is how they break down for me.


  • Open Source
  • Flexible
  • Free
  • Lots of free programs
  • Great potential
  • Always improving
  • Great community
  • Support for many different kinds of hardware
  • Easy to mod
  • Based on Linux
  • Extremely Customizeable

  • Not always stable
  • Still being optimized
  • Memory Hungry


  • Open
  • Inexpensive (soon to be free)
  • Lots of free programs
  • Reached most of it's potential
  • Supported largely by Nokia

  • Different versions (causing program writing/compatibiliy issues)
  • A hassle to update.
  • Tricky to Mod
  • Memory Hungry
When closely examined, they both have their own positives and negatives. It would seem though in my experience, Android is the mobile platform to keep your eye on. Not only does it power phones but can power Netbooks and many other devices. The community can help improve it, since it is open source, and you can customize it to your needs to a degree much deeper than any other cell phone OS.

If I could have my dream cell phone, here are some of the features that I would like. Surprisingly this is not terribly far off.
  • Zii Plaszma Platform preferred or Nvidia chipset
  • Android OS
  • Multi Touchscreen with hardware keyboard
  • 1Gb+ high speed memory built in for RAM
  • 1Gb high speed memory built in for programs and OS
  • 6GB for storage
  • hot swapable micro sd slot.
  • Wifi
  • Ability to broadcast audio to adjustable FM station.
  • Bluetooth
  • 3g+ ?
  • Montion sensor As many axis as possible
  • Compass
  • Ambiant light detector
  • GPS
  • 5MP Camera with decent flash
  • Ir illumination for night video recording.
  • 1080p recording
  • 1080p Projector or mini HDMI out (most likely led powered)
  • Of Course it would be waterproof and shockproof!
  • (emergency inflateable life boat/beacon/Parachute/Zip-grappling line and barb included, flamethrower optional)
As crazy as some of those requests are, I based almost all of these requests on prototype and production devices, and technology that exists right now. I don't know of any device yet that has combined these all together in one glorious machine. If you could have the dream cell phone, is there anything that you would want that I didn't mention ?

If you are a cell phone manufacturer, contact me.

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