Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Balloon Boy Story Goes Pop

There is something sad about parents creating a drama, and fabricating a story to get media attention. You have to wonder, did their parents love them when they were a kid? Maybe they are just so lazy that it seemed like an easy way to make money.

I will say though sometimes it does seem like people who do stupid things (like have 8 or more children through In Vitro Fertilization (IFV)) seem to get a lot of money for being stupid. Going on TV shows, enforcements. While you and me work hard, and try to be responsible, and the government takes our money, and spends it on their hotel stays in other countries, and nice big armored SUV's. Here is an idea why don't you politicians acctually be decent representatives, and civil servants, then maybe the people won't want to do bodily harm to you. Then you wouldn't need the armored vehicles, and can really spend that money on making our country better.

All of that aside, what do you think should be the punishment for the Balloon Boy Farce. I hope that they throw the book at them, wasting everyones time, and money on a publicity stunt. I wonder how many people went without important care, because the police were dealing with "Balloon Boy". What kind of example were they showing to their children? We can only hope that it was a child's prank.

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  1. I say fine them all the money that was used in searching for their "lost" child.