Friday, October 23, 2009

Save Money for Free!

So yes I like the whole blast off idea, and would love to have you guys join. As far as I can see its a win win situation, and who doesn't like that right?
Click here to find out more about Blastoff

Click here To truely save money and have a cool webpage for much of the stuff you do:
My Personal invitation for you to Join Blastoff

As with my BluCigs, I may even give incentives to those who join, however I have to see how many of you join first.

Think of blastoff as a place to make your own cool looking homepage on the net to buy things, and get some of the information you need. By buying stuff you would normally buy, but doing it through Blastoff, you will get discounts on your everyday purchases.

Did I mention its free? Let me know your experience with it is.

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