Saturday, November 21, 2009

Navigation Comes to G1 (android)

With the release of the Verizon Droid, Google released a new maps program with that phone that allows you to get turn by turn directions. Of course the rest of the Android users didn't get this yet. So because of the open nature of Android, we have figured out how to port this maps to the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1.

I don't take credit for figuring it out the great Android community at XDA developer forums did that, however I do want to share it with you, in a nice format that makes it easy.

The only prerequisite is that you must have rooted your phone already. If you need help with that. plaese go here.

They say you need to be running the custom rom "CyanogenMod" however if you back up first you can probably run it on any rom.

ink to the file.
Google Maps with Navigation
How to install
  1. Unzip
  2. Run Part 1.bat
  3. When prompted to press any key, do it.
  4. Don't Panic! The phone will reboot automatically.
  5. When your phone is running again, run Part 2.bat
  6. When prompted to press any key,
  7. The installation process is done.

Using the turn by turn navigation.
  1. Make sure GPS is enabled
  2. Open Maps and press OK
  3. Press Menu
  4. Select Directions
  5. Enter an end point
  6. Click Go
  7. Now Just under "Show on map", click Navigate.
  8. If you don't have the voice codec installed it will prompt you to install the voice codec. Do this.
  9. Use this responsibly and enjoy.
If you have CyanogenMod 4.2.5 then you should probably follow these instructions.

These instructions below were written by theomajigga over at XDA developer forums

"Hey guys,

After a longs day of work, I got it.

Put together a recovery flash-able zip file to add the new Google navigation.


1. Dream or Sapphire/Magic/Mt3G
2. 1.6 Rom as a minimum
3. Custom recovery either Amon's or Cyanogen's
4. A brain
5. The download at the end of the post


1. Download this for most Donut builds (Cyanogen based). (also attached now  )
2. Place in the root of your sdcard
3. Reboot in recovery
3. Select chose (or rename the downloaded file to
4. Select
5. Reboot

Extended steps:

If "Navigate" doesn't show up the first time:

1. Go to settings
2. Click on applications
3. Click on Manage applications
4. scroll to apps
5. click on Maps
6. Clear data


1. Install Google Voice
2. Uninstall Google Voice
3. Reinstall Google Voice"

Let me know what works for you..

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